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Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission on Jtz Engineering

Articles should be around 600 words and should be well-written, unique content.

It’s a good idea to provide a brief bio about yourself, including links to your social media accounts. You may also have up to 5 images added to the post. We will edit your articles for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors only. We are not responsible for errors in content and take no ownership of the posts once they’re published. Please check your submission carefully before submitting it. When you submit a guest post, you give us exclusive rights to publish it across our blog network (hundreds of websites). We’ll try to publish your guest post around the 10th of each month. By submitting guest posts via this blog, you grant us exclusive rights to the article in perpetuity, and no one else can reproduce it or republish it without our written consent. However, we reserve the right to remove any posts that we deem as inappropriate.

We delete all submissions that are outside of our guidelines. All articles must be your original work and cannot be plagiarized in any form. The writer must have full prescriptive rights over their own work (i.e., they retain copyright). Articles that contain hate speech, abuse or harassment will be removed. We reserve the right to edit your article for length and grammar errors. We don’t allow links to affiliate programs, CPA offers or sites that contain inappropriate material. Any person submitting content to this blog agrees that he/she fully understands the writer is responsible for ensuring that the material submitted does not violate any copyright laws or infringement of third party rights. Jtz Engineering reserves the right to remove any posts without prior notice when deemed appropriate at our own discretion and without prior notice. Accepting “Write for us Software”, “write for us Operations” and “write for us Industrial Products” guest post. 

In order to post your articles on Jtz Engineering, we require that you agree to the following terms and conditions:

By submitting content, you grant permission for Jtz Engineering to use it in syndication on other websites you could be a guest blogger on. If we publish your article elsewhere, the website will have the right to credit us and let us know. This means that if your website is an affiliate for one of our companies or brands, we may link back to it. We also reserve the right to reject any article or guest post we deem offensive or inappropriate. You agree that Jtz Engineering may edit any submitted article as we see fit, even if you’ve already posted it elsewhere online or offline. Even though we hold full copyright to all content submitted, you are solely responsible for the content you submit. You agree that your published guest post can be used in advertising and marketing material by Jtz Engineering and its affiliates.

Articles will not be answered or edited for grammar/spelling errors or grammatical mistakes as it is a very basic rule in journalism that every word has to be placed appropriately. Readers will appreciate it if you make any necessary corrections before posting elsewhere via email at: [email protected].








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Categories We Don’t Accept Articles In

We do not accept articles in the following categories, so please do not submit content for the following:

  1. Politics or social justice (discrimination, androcentrism) 
  2. Anything illegal (piracy, copyright violation) 
  3. Anything hateful (racism, sexism, etc.) 
  4. Any information that encourages illegal or violent behavior 
  5. Pornography or nudity

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